Video & Optical Systems Ltd (VOS) is the CCTV distribution division of the Britannia Group.

VOS serves the professional CCTV market with technology integrated from our parent company. This gives the CCTV installer access to leading edge products and other supported technologies required to solve the problem.

We are able to provide systems for automatic intruder detection, tracking and even panoramic scene surveillance.

Our Extreme Robust Integrated Camera, more commonly known as the ERIC camera provides the installer with a reliable rugged and easy to install military type system at a commercial cost. The standard ERIC series bullet proof cameras include zoom day/night, thermal imaging, explosion proof, and wireless cameras.

The ERIC range of cameras are already installed in a wide variety of applications:

Mobile surveillance with satellite uplinks

City centre surveillance

Train stations


Car parks

Marine applications

VOS has the in-house capability to provide complete systems solutions as well as supporting OEMs and installers. Not only are we able to supply CCTV requirements, but the Group is able to provide any surveillance solution from covert cameras through to a full observation system.