Explosion Proof ROBO Cameras JM612-V6 & JM612-V8

JM612 V6 & JM 612 V8

The JM612-V6 & JM 612-V8 ROBO are robust pan/tilt/zoom night-view camera systems. The body is machined from either aluminium alloy or 316L stainless steel and integrated with day/night IP camera module, central processing module, variable high-speed pan/tilt motors and enclosure.  The unique “6 proof” design provides explosion/water/vandal/bullet/corrosion and dust protection. It can resist the explosive gases, rain and fog, stones and hammer blows, shot gun blasts, sea-water, chemical corrosion and coal-dust etc.

With the unique 360° continuous pan and tilt rotation, it offers true all-round video surveillance. Its unique Omni seal waterproof and explosion design, coupled with its robust and solid dome body, makes it ideal for the most harsh and high security protection installations.

A 360° Motion Detection Unit (MDU) and Video Analytics Module (VAM) are also optional for the JM612-V6 camera system.