JM612A – IR & JM612S – IR Laser Robo

JM612A-IR & JM612S – IR Laser Robo

The JM612-IR-HD Laser ROBO is a robust pan/tilt/zoom night-view high definition camera system. Its body is machined from aluminium alloy or 316L stainless steel and integrated with a high definition (1280×720 or 1960×1080) camera module and IR laser illuminator for day and night use.

Two versions are available :

  JM 612-IR-HD1080  - with 1960 x 1080 p, Y Pr Pb analogue o/p with RS-485 control 10x zoom

  JM 612-IR-HD720 – with 1280 x 720p, IP o/p network control, 18x 300m optical zoom

The unique “5 proof” design (Water Proof/Vandal Proof/Bullet Proof/Corrosion Proof/Dust Proof) provides     protection against rain and fog, stones and hammer, blows, shot gun blasts, sea-water, chemical corrosion, coal-dust etc . The unique 360° continuous pan and tilt rotation system design offers true all-round video surveillance.

For night use, 4 x 808nm poerful laser-IR illuminators provide excellent performances. Under the “Zero-Lux” conditions human targets over 200 metres away could be clearly detected. Models with wide view IR LED illuminators are also available on request.

Optionally, the unit can be pressurised by filling with inert nitrogen gas, providing protection for internal components. Ideal for installations exposed to salt and other corrosive environments – for use at seaports ships and chemical plants.